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McGregor announced after his UFC 205 lightweight title win over Eddie Alvarez that his longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, is pregnant with their first child. His subsequent post-fight press conference saw him reveal he will become a father for the first time next year, McGregor now expected to take some time away from the octagon before his next bout.

"I'm going to be a daddy next year", McGregor said.

Mixing up the due date by two months and saying he was crapping his jocks. Alvarez (28-5, 3-2) never had much of a chance to mount an attack as each time he came at McGregor with a big right hand, McGregor slipped and countered with a left. "Cheap (expletive). $4.2 billion this company sold for and they want to take that one off me already". I need to be set for life for this.

"I want the ownership now", he added. "An equity stake in the company, that's what I'm looking for".

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While McGregor has broken numerous attendance records, he also keeps on breaking UFC pay-per-view records. He previously collected $3 million from his fight with Nate Diaz in UFC 202, so it is expected that his figure will stretch a bit for his recent fight with Alvarez.

With tickets to the fight selling at such high prices, White said he realized the organization might be pricing themselves out of future audience members.

McGregor's overwhelming UFC 205 victory made him the first and only dual-weight champion of today, DailyMail reported. If you come in equal with me, I'mma rip your head off. I have both belts, a chunk of money, I've got a little family on the way. I'm like "no, you're supposed to bring your belt and I give you your new belt". "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart. He [Alvarez] should not have been in here with me", an elated McGregor, who celebrated by holding the Irish flag, was quoted as saying by The Sun.