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We sympathize with those Californians and New Yorkers refusing to accept the inevitable, but the electoral college was designed in part to prevent giving large, more densely populated states an unfair advantage. This argument is weak, because as the Washington Post piece cited, Darin DeWitt and Thomas Schwartz highlight that in a multiple candidate race under a simple "most votes" provision, a victor based on the plurality of votes could be "detested" by the majority of voters.

His e-mail has been bombarded with thousands of messages from people begging him to not vote for the president-elect.

These individuals who have been elected will then go to their state capitol in December and officially cast their ballots for president. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, there's a decent chance I'd be calling for the preservation of the Electoral College.

In 2012, there were 65,446,032 votes cast for President Obama, according to the National Archives. Electoral votes are instead awarded based on state-by-state results. Completing the math for the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, the results tally 257.01 electoral votes for Ms. Clinton, with 253.37 for Mr. Trump, both short of the 270 needed to claim victory. "If it were to go to straight popular vote, then potentially the favorite son or daughter of a state like California, Texas or NY could easily amass more votes than many small states together".

Hillary Clinton would be the fifth candidate in the nation's history to fall into this dubious category.

How did the college originate? If America were a monolithic federal state, there would be no need for the Electoral College. Some framers wanted popular election of the commander in chief.

For instance, many left-leaning organizations are describing the incoming president, his team and their supporters using loaded, divisive language - "Xenophobic", "homophobic", "Islamophobic", "racist", "bigot" and "misogynist" among other words certain to polarize. "The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately". This was to ensure that all parties - specifically the people and the sovereign states - had a role in choosing the person who would be "chief magistrate" of our country.

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For example, elector Michael Banerian of MI was lobbied and threatened with death, according to The Detroit News.

All the talk about Mrs. Clinton "winning" the popular vote contains an unhealthy dose of sour grapes, and also is meant to weaken Mr. Trump going forward.

"Each state may have different rules for selecting electors". Instances of faithless electors are rare - it's happened 157 times in American history - and only once, in 1836, did it truly effect the outcome.

The Electoral College gives a stronger say in the presidential election to states with smaller populations, he said.

For the second time in 16 years, it appears that the winning presidential candidate will lose the nationwide popular vote while winning office through the Electoral College.

But having the president chosen by electors in each state, equal in number to the state's representation in Congress, seemed to strike a good balance while also minimizing the risk of corruption, "cabal", and foreign influence. According to news reporters, Lett-Simmons sought, and received, Gore's permission for her act of defiance.

Originally, this system was created to both enfranchise and sublimate the 'sense of the people.' This meant it sought to represent the people's choice for president while shielding the presidency from an unqualified candidate who may gain a 51 percent popular majority through populist campaigns.