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The WWE is in a unique situation as Lesnar is its true beast while Goldberg is back for a possible one-time appearance. Will Lesnar do more than just German Suplex and F-5?

With that said, let's get to some predictions, shall we?

Should the challenger win the championship, that championship will transfer to their brand. Just moving the division would not make any sense. - #Undertaker #SDLive900 pic.twitter.com/GGhOVGrDqW - WWE (@WWE) November 16, 2016 His saying that "WrestleMania doesn't define" him any longer gives every the thought that he will be wrestling more often. Team Smackdown includes a part-time-at-best (and even that is pushing it) wrestler in Shane McMahon on their team.

WWE World Champion AJ Styles was chosen as captain for Team SmackDown.

Raw always takes precedence over SmackDown.

WWE did a good job of increasing that anticipation with a very good segment between these two this past Monday on Raw and now at Survivor Series, these two will finally get their hands on each other after more than a decade.

Elsewhere, Team Raw and Team Smackdown collide it what could prove three iconic matches in the form of a men's, women's and tag team encounters.

On RAW, the focus is so often on how what is happening affects authority figures Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. This puts rivals like Charlotte and Sasha Banks on the same team, although it showed last week that they have on intentions on working together.

The almost six minute long trailer shows footage of the two WWE superstars going at it inside the game, while interviews with various employees are interspersed.

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The exclusive Cruiserweight Division has been a bust on RAW, to the point that they will likely lose the belt - and the entire division - to SmackDown on Sunday so that someone who can figure out how to work them into the show is given that task.

For the men's elimination match, Team Raw has Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho as co-captains. I think it's going to be a lot better than the first time they wrestled. A show the size of a modern-day WrestleMania, which comes to Orlando on April 2, 2017, would have amazed him, he says, although it would have been hard for him to attend. Sadly his WWE run wasn't as successful, but Goldberg wishes to change the same, come Sunday. It's not a large city, and the WWE fans in the city aren't amongst the most passionate in the country.

With SmackDown, while Rhyno and Slater are given the captain spot automatically for being the champs, the others have had to compete to earn it.

That also means that we care about what makes Heath Heath, and we're celebrating along with him.

What's also of note for this show is the two Heavyweight titles and two Women's titles will not be on the line.

This match is on the list because it's a reminder of how historically badly the Invasion angle of 2001 was botched by Vince McMahon and the powers that be in WWE. When Ultimate Warrior did the game, Ultimate Warrior came back to WWE. Looking at the WWE Live Event pages for the SmackDown LIVE the following week (Nov. 22) and the week after that (Nov. 29), he isn't scheduled for those shows either. If for some reason this pay-per-view falls flat, there won't just be Undertaker to answer to, the fans are going to protest. Eventually, it was announced that the house show would be broadcasted live on the WWE Network, making it the last "pay-per-view" before WrestleMania 32.

That time is not now, though.

The post-SmackDown show, Talking Smack, has become an interesting phenomenon.