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Absentee and other ballots are being certified and counted with the final vote canvass coming Friday. The McCrory campaign has filed elections complaints in 52 counties, claiming that irregularities could favor his opponent.

Second, McCrory's campaign has fumbled a series of challenges in the contended counties.

McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz countered that Cooper's side is making "presumptuous statements" at a time when counties have postponed their final tabulations.

The Forsyth County Board of Elections made rulings on the dead-voter allegations during its meeting Thursday night, but has scheduled a hearing Tuesday morning to hear the protest over the votes allegedly cast by felons.

In a bit of political good news, Democratic challenger Roy Cooper has upped his lead over Republican Gov.

Every time I bring up the subject of voter fraud I am routinely informed that my concerns are invalid because it's so rare and would never change the outcome of an election.

At issue is an equipment failure that forced election officials to tediously hand-record the 94,000 votes cast in Durham County during early balloting, with results not being reported until almost midnight on election night. "North Carolina continues to suffer from the petty and risky leadership of Pat McCrory who refuses to admit defeat, despite now being down by more than 6,000 votes".

The fraudulent ballots were identified as problematic after Dowless brought suspicions of voter fraud in his race for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor to the attention of the Bladen County Board of Elections prior to Election Day.

The McCrory campaign insists some of those votes counted were from deceased people, felons or people who voted a couple of times.

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Horace Munn, a representative with the Bladen County Improvement Assocation PAC, said Tuesday night that his group did nothing against the law.

An unknown number of such voters were permitted to cast provisional ballots. Franklin Graham was written in on the sample ballot.

Several ballots were declined at the recommendation of staff.

McCrory's reelection chances were badly damaged over massive financial losses incurred to the state after he signed the anti-LGBT HB2 bill into law, which forbid transgender people from choosing their own bathrooms and banned all local LGBT ordinances statewide. As of Thursday, some election officials were still waiting on information from the DMV, according to WRAL. We forwarded it to the state and they accepted it for investigation, which means they thought there was something there. "There's additional cases of voter fraud being discovered each day". "That's the process they are going through now". There were stacks of straight Democratic ticket ballots turning up, most of which had "suspiciously" similar handwriting on the witness signature line.

All counties go through provisional ballots and decide which ones to allow and deny.

"Our office is waiting on a report from the State Board", Kearney said. "We hope that with this clear margin of victory, Governor McCrory will stop all efforts to undermine the results of this election". County boards of elections sought to work with the DMV to verify ballots. Brian also said the numbers came in so late because they had to manually upload votes to the state.

"I don't think there is any scenario where this could be thrown into the legislature", he said. "They aren't there because of money, they are there because of the cause and the movement, and that is legal", stated Munn.

Subsequently, businesses, celebrities and sports entities such as the NCAA, the National Basketball Association, and the Atlantic Coast Conference pulled their entertainment and sports events out of North Carolina to support the radical agenda.

"With the ones found on November 1, I believe there are an overwhelming number of occurrences already to review and investigate", said James Hehl, a member of the Bladen County Board of Elections, in a letter to the N.C. State Board of Elections.