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Hales is criticizing the destructive protests that have swept the city since the election of Donald Trump.

On Monday, thousands of high schoolers in multiple cities walked out of class in protest.

In the Sunday march, families gathered with balloons and signs that boasted more positive messages: "Kids Have a Voice Too!" and "This Mama Will Miss Obama". Similar demonstrations are expected to continue Tuesday on college campuses. Trump's election left them angry, upset and terrified over the prospect that his inflammatory campaign rhetoric might be enacted into law, supported by radical Supreme Court appointees.

Protests have occurred in Los Angeles, Portland, and even at Trump Tower itself, with the first protest starting Wednesday during the election outside the NY building.

During the demonstration, documentary moviemaker Michael Moore, who is a Trump critic, entered the lobby of Trump Tower with a camera crew in tow and asked to see Trump.

It's reasonable to assume that a significant number of the people so loudly protesting Mr. Trump's triumph squandered their chance to prevent it at the ballot box.

"If you think that protest in and of itself will make change, think back to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Portland".

President-elect Trump initially complained that "professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting".

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'All this hate is out there, and it might be more blatant than it's usually been.

Greg McKelvey and Micah Rhodes, leaders of Portland's Resistance, organized this event and repeatedly said it was not going to be a march through the streets.

Most of the protests have been peaceful.

The persistent rumor spoke to a city on edge after several nights of violence during anti-Trump demonstrations, including the shooting of a march participant and acts of vandalism that caused at least $1 million in damage. An anti-Trump protest escalated into a riot Thursday night in Portland, Oregon https://t.co/hnm1r2GtCP pic.twitter.com/Y4xNfhT6rB - New York Post (@nypost) November 11, 2016 The name of the man shot on the Morrison Bridge has not yet been released by the Portland Police Department.

Of the 36 voters who weren't registered, most gave an OR address as their official place of residence, making it unlikely that they voted in another state. The 42 percent of registered voters who skipped the election still have the right to protest, as does any American who isn't registered to vote.

In Ann Arbor, Mich., police are looking into a report of a man who threatened to set a Muslim student on fire with a lighter Friday if she didn't remove her hijab.

Raiford said she saw the chaotic turn to the protest as a symbol of it being co-opted by people she says weren't there for the right reasons. Julius Blue, a student at UNCG, stated, "This is legit one of the worst that could happen in this election, all my friends are out protesting because of it so their voices can be heard".