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You don't need to wait until Thanksgiving 2016 or Black Friday 2016 to save on one of the best games out for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

Project Scorpio is the newest video game console coming from Microsoft in late 2017, and from what we can tell, it could very well be the most powerful video game console to ever hit store shelves since the PlayStation 4 Pro.

In less than a week, the biggest shopping day of the year will offer gadget lovers, and not only, the chance to buy their favorite products at a cheaper price, as big brands offer massive discounts on various items. These deals range from saving money on buying an Xbox One itself to saving some money on a couple of games as well as Xbox Live. Also, in this bundle, you'll get a copy of "Battlefield 1 ", the deluxe edition.

Microsoft has launched a new trailer for Xbox One S to boast the HDR capabilities of the console and what it can do for the games. Join the App Trigger team!

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With a little over a week left until Black Friday, Microsoft has released its sales lineup on the Microsoft Store.

Good thing there is this thing known as Black Friday, where you are able to enjoy some deals on items that you have long lusted after but never really gotten around to picking it up. On purchasing the "Gears of War 4" bundle, the buyer can save upto $25, while for the "ReCore" bundle $20 can be easily saved. Check back for even more great deals that will run over the Black Friday weekend, November 25 - 28. It can do 4K content, plus 4K game scaling with HDR, provided you have the TV to go with this set up.

We're in the holiday season once again, and just like every year, gamers are being bombarded with enough blockbuster games to make their wallets weep.

November 24 - 28: Get any new Xbox One S starting at $249 - its lowest price ever. It is noted that the tech giant does not have their own VR Headset but the newly-introduced gaming console will be made compatible to existing VR devices in the market, such as HTC's Vive and the Oculus Rift.