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Well, what we do now is rally millions of young Americans who are sick and exhausted of leaving school, 30, 50, $100,000 in debt, and those who simply can not afford to go to college, and say that in a competitive global economy, it is absolutely imperative that we make public colleges and universities' tuition free. In 2017, Democrats will control zero out of the three branches of federal government.

But the Republicans who were opposing his agenda had won too. Wyoming is a Republican state; nobody paid attention to Wyoming.

We've heard an terrible lot in recent days about the decisive election loss of a certain well-known woman. Pointing out Clinton's popular vote stance, the 75-year-old questioned how the Democratic party could flourish in a Trump presidency. That's one way to begin to lure that "hidden" Trump vote out of the shadows.

Asked about Tuesday's results and what they mean for the Democratic Party, the president acknowledged that Hillary Clinton's loss demands a recalibration. Whether she actually sought a second term or not, that election would be about her.

At a time when Americans are rallying against the establishment and politics as usual, the Democrats put forward one of the most mainstream, establishment candidates they had.

They also needed an inspirational candidate at the top of the ticket to drive turnout.

It is naive to not understand who owns the media in America, the major media: large, multinational conglomerates. If it wasn't for the "white folks" he would not have been elected in the first place.

DEAN: I don't believe in position papers and autopsy reports.

So should Sanders have been the nominee?

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Monday-morning quarterbacking is always easy. The party needs a conservative wing: one that can appeal to economic conservatives who are about to see the the effect of Trump's raging protectionism and (if he listens to folks live Dave Brat) a clampdown on high-skilled immigration; and one that can appeal to Atlanticists and neoconservatives who are about to see Trump following his instincts to prefer dictators over democrats on the world stage. "The Democratic Party is going to look for new leadership at the local, state and national level to deal with President Trump".

Voters rejected these attempts. Flip a combined total of only 54,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin or 0.4 percent of the ballots cast in those states and Hillary Clinton wins the Electoral College by 44 votes. It was the first time in more than a century that the state government was so thoroughly red, and a lot of moderates and progressives anxious how far to the right conservatives would tilt this purple state. The current leader of the DNC is Donna Brazile, who took over when U.S. Rep.

"(Those rural voters) don't think Democrats care about them.

"[If they can] unleash billionaires to buy elections, make it hard for millions of people to participate, they think they can control this government indefinitely". "[One] that brings people into the party".

Appealing to the Democratic base isn't enough anymore.

Within Congress, legislators who were once considered right-wing, such as IN senator Richard Lugar, are now considered among the few moderate voices IN the party. That's a call echoed by South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison, the latest contender to enter the chairman race. There's lots of people.

One of the main criticisms of Sanders from within the party was, "He's not even really a Democrat". If anything, his independent label is a plus with contemporary voters.

What happened in the House is also a huge blow for Democrats.

No, change doesn't happen in a year, or sometimes even in four or eight years. Americans on both side of the aisle are growing wary of passing along power within dynasty families, as is evident from Jeb Bush's nearly surprisingly unsuccessful campaign. They need to do better among White people who made up 70 percent of the voters on November 8th. Should I give up my values like the Republicans? These figures would have spelled disaster against a more formidable candidate than Clinton and will likely doom Republican hopes without meaningful improvement in outreach efforts.