Malcolm Turnbull raised the idea of the U.S. taking refugees from Manus Island and Nauru with President Barack Obama in January, during his first visit to Washington as Prime Minister.

Refugees on Manus Island may also be reviewed for refugee settlement in the United States, according to the Times. If they don't, they will remain on Nauru or can go to Cambodia under a previously announced arrangement that has barely been used.

Two men earning over $330k per annum have been revealed as the real victims of the refugee crisis on Nauru and Manus Island, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said.

United States president-elect Donald Trump strongly campaigned on banning Muslim migration and putting up a wall to keep Mexicans out.

"I can say that Australian and the U.S. have had a long cooperation on matters of this kind which had enabled us to pursue and support our mutual and respective humanitarian and national security objectives", Mr Turnbull told Channel 7. The arrangements to the United States are one off.

Labor is supporting the deal in "in principle", saying it would hypocritical for the Opposition to oppose it when it appears to have many similarities to Labor "Malaysia Solution" deal. I can't see a lot of Democrats defending it either.

Campaigning for the presidency, Trump had started by advocating a blanket ban on Muslims entering the United States, but later adjusted his stance to propose that the ban should apply to people from nations that had been "compromised by terrorism".

But is the United States likely to ride to the rescue under President Trump? I call them boats of death, because 90 percent of them are drowned.

"We have not set a number on it".

It was unclear how the resettlement deal would proceed, with Donald Trump taking over the White House on January 20 after winning the U.S. election this week.

But will the deal be off in January when U.S. President Elect Donald Trump assumes office? "We have no closer ally", Turnbull stressed.

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"I feel for the American people".

CORRECTION: This article was amended to say that the allegations against the Save the Children staff were repeated, not made, by Mr Morrison after he received them in an intelligence report.

"This agreement has been struck after months and months of very careful planning", Turnbull said.

"I don't begrudge you all for giving it a try, but I have no idea why Obama would think this was a good idea and he would agree to it".

And he said the president-elect had been impressed by Australia's naval expansion.

"The approach taken by Australia in transferring refugees and asylum seekers to open-ended detention in Papua New Guinea and Nauru has caused huge harm to vulnerable people", the UNHCR said.

"People can't afford to wait a long time anymore", Ms Stubberfield said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the refugee resettlement agreement with the USA this morning, but did not provide any details on timeframes or the number of people involved.

"We'd rather overcompensate in terms of our response capacity than underdo it". Anyone who seeks to come to Australia with a people smuggler now or in the future will not succeed.

Labor is opposing the move because it believes denying refugees lifetime access to Australia is a political tactic rather than a deterrent from the government.