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Rick is not in charge anymore and he and the rest of Alexandria are going to have a rude awakening in this episode. He goes into detail about how he was in the hospital and his wife, Lori, was in a relationship with Shane, Rick's friend and coworker. He's being tortured by the Saviors and is only still alive because Negan has taken a liking to him. It led to Spencer spewing a bit of truth, which caused Rick to snap and make threats. Despite the tension in the air, Negan continues his over the top comical self.

The remaining members of the core group hold together in Alexandria. He must also accept Negan to help Alexandria and the people he loves survive. Rick was always a survivor, though, and his choice to fall in line - given the circumstances - rings true to his character, and to adapting to the current situation they now find themselves in.

Meanwhile, Michonne is having a hard time figuring out how to accurately shoot with the sniper.

Tina is Sherry's sister, and it was revealed in "The Cell" that Tina was the reason Sherry and her husband Dwight attempted to escape Negan's clutches in Season 6.

They're taking all of Alexandria's medicine. Negan is very much the alpha creep, but Dwight - because he's under Negan's thumb - embodies the prototypical bully. This is a different Alexandria now, though - this is Negan's Alexandria. No one is giving in if they do know. They want him to be a monster.

Did you think Rick was truly bending a knee in the show, or was it clear all along that he had a plan against Negan? If the AMC series follows the comic series, it won't be long until Rick strategizes and overcomes Negan. He gives them to Negan. He wants Daryl's bike, but not before pouring out her canteen of water.

Back to Rosita. She's in the woods killing a pack of walkers to get their guns.

Back at home, Michonne walks in on Rick laying out some sheets and pillows on the floor, as The Saviors took most of the mattresses in Alexandria. In a sickening turn, Negan seeks out Maggie.

The newly submissive Rick confronted Spencer about his secret stash.

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Negan arrives unexpectedly to Alexandria a week early. Even though Rick is feeling pretty hopeless right now, Father Gabriel has faith that things will get better.

- That finale Negan line to Rick was so malevolent, yet amazingly delivered, it probably goes down as one of the best villain lines ever. He's the man who killed two of their own, and now, he wants more. Then Rick notices that Michonne has returned and goes to get the gun from her. He's begging the people to hand over the two guns that are missing. In addition, Negan uses fear to motivate people and bend them to his will.

"So nobody died", Negan tells Rick. The awfulness simply oozes from him in this episode, as a wisecracking Negan struts around town like a dog pissing on every tree it sees.

Dwight (Austin Amelio) stole Rosita's guns and demanded Daryl's motorbike.

Rick tried to talk with Daryl (Norman Reedus) but Negan forbade it.

Rick discovered a vent in Spencer's house, filled with food, booze and both of the guns.

- "Maybe if Rick thought it through..." They've always fought for what they had, and Michonne can't understand why they don't do it now.

We eventually see Rick and Michonne reunite after the tense meeting with Negan. She tells him she will try. Negan moves throughout the community like a snake, licking his lips and threatening whoever gets in his way with the biggest of smiles.

"I was gonna ask her to come back with me".