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With her husband Donald Trump triumphing in the United States presidential polls, Melania Trump was set to become the first foreign-born First Lady of the U.S. in nearly two centuries.

Melania could be tagged as the most glamorous and stylish First Lady of the United states.

"In a way Slovenia has a first lady now", he said.

Three marriages, five children, eight grandchildren: The composition of the future first family contrasts greatly with that of the more traditional Obama family.

It is unclear if she will begin her efforts by taking her husband's Twitter account away from him. We believe she will be a great first lady.

She's smarter than she's been given credit for.

Melania will be the second foreign-born first lady and first non-native English speaker.

Melania Trump studied at the University of Ljubljana for architecture and design, but did not graduate it.

"I want my little boy to know that he's blessed to be born in a country that values individual freedom and constitutional democracy", she said.

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"And so, given that she was obviously so keen to be featured in GQ, we came up with a rather kitsch and camp story for her to feature in".

Melania, 46, will make history as the first immigrant first lady since 1825.

Melania Trump stepped out in Christian Louboutin heels to vote in New York City on November 8. Melania modeled for fashion houses in Paris and Milan, eventually relocating to NY in the mid-1990's. She said that she would pay attention to protecting juveniles against bullying in social networks.

"It is awful when it happens on the playground, and it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet". "Bravo! Bravo, We've won!" others cheered.

Trump delivered only a handful of speeches as her husband bounded from one unlikely phase of his campaign to the next. But she said he had been egged on by a TV host who was with him on a bus on which he made the hot mic comments.

After the controversy over her husband's remarks about groping women, made when they were newly married, emerged she defended him: "The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. And I think that's very important in the relationship". She is also involved in the Trump Foundation, said to be one of the largest private charities in the US. She sure has some big shoes to fill.

"People were partying all night, it was like some football game", Jelena Ascic, an anchor and correspondent for Radiotelevizija Slovenija, Slovenia's public television station, told The Huffington Post in a call.

"I'm very strong. I can handle everything".